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John Sousanis

Managing Director

John Sousanis is Managing Director of WardsAuto, and the director of the WardsAuto Outlook Conference Series. During his 20 years in automotive data & insights, John has worked as a market analyst, U.S. sales and production forecaster, and as head of WardsAuto’s data and insights group. John has authored and co-authored several special reports on fuel economy and regularly speaks to automotive professionals on topics ranging from flexible manufacturing to global powertrain trends and U.S. OEM Green Strategies.

Haig Stoddard

Senior Industry Analyst

Haig Stoddard has followed the auto industry for nearly three decades, starting as a reporter for WardsAuto and transitioning to automotive market analyst. He has spent most of his career at WardsAuto, with stints along the way at Global Insight forecasting North American vehicle production, and as a vehicle sales analyst at General Motors and Dana Corp. Since returning to WardsAuto, he has served as the company’s lead in-house analyst overseeing several of the information provider’s data products and tools, including North American production and sales forecasts.

Erin Sunde

Industry Analyst

Erin Sunde started her career at WardsAuto over six years ago, working with a wide variety of automotive industry data. She is currently an Industry Analyst, specializing in fuel economy regulations and strategies and the monthly vehicle sales forecast. Erin has authored and collaborated on reports covering fuel economy and vehicle technology. She cooperates with media and automotive professionals by providing customized data and insights.

Bob Gritzinger

Associate Editor

Bob Gritzinger is a veteran automotive journalist who got his first taste of grease and oil repairing lawn mowers, go-karts, motorcycles and cars in the backyard before embarking on a long professional career as a newspaper reporter. His love of news and all things automotive came together during more than a decade at Autoweek magazine where he covered car news from around the block and around the world for the Detroit-based automotive enthusiast publication.

Brian Maxim

VP of Global Powertrain Forecasting
AutoForecast Solutions LLC

Brian is responsible for the creation, management, and distribution of the global powertrain forecast for AutoForecast Solution and has focused experience in forecasting engine and transmission production and application rates includes North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific with global oversight and perspective. Before his tenure at AFS, He also had 13 years of experience as a Senior Director at AutomotiveCompass. Prior to that, he was a Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the global automotive practice. Brian earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Villanova University.

Sam Fiorani

VP of Global Vehicle Forecasting
AutoForecast Solutions LLC

Sam Fiorani is a leading auto analyst specializing in vehicle production forecasting. He is responsible for the creation, management, and distribution of the global vehicle production forecast for AutoForecast Solutions. His expertise is also present in various automotive publications which he supported over his career. His experience in forecasting vehicle production includes North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with global oversight and perspective. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA), International Motor Press Association (IMPA), and Classic Car Club of America (CCCA). Sam earned a Bachelor of Economics at Pennsylvania State University.